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Scenic Loops of Texas


This is a challenge with no time constraint: ride your motorcycle around 28 scenic loops, take selfie photos at designated locations on those loops, and turn in the photos for each scenic loop completed.

How to Play

At times that are good for you, ride to and take a photo of you and your motorcycle at each Point of Interest (POI) on a particular scenic loop.  While collecting or later, post the photos to your Ride Events. 

Scenic Loop Results

Red Riverside Ride
- William Miles(2014), Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2016), Mark Von Tress(2016), Bobby Johnson(2016), Rod McCullick(2016), Duane Allen(2017)"
Four East Texas Lakes
- Bev McCullick(2014)
- Bob Hagar (2014)
- Mike Mattiza(2015)"
From Granbury to Possum Kingdom
- Bev McCullick(2014), Bob Hagar(2015), Harold Doss(2014), Kathy Doss(2014), Mark Von Tress(2014), Mike Mattiza(2014), Rich Barger(2014), Rod McCullick(2014), Sandy Barger(2014)"

More than Dinosaur Tracks
- Kermit Rodriguez(2014), Mike Mattiza(2014), Mark Von Tress(2015), Bob Hagar(2015), Bev McCullick(2015), Bobby Johnson(2015), Kevin Cantrell(2015), Rod McCullick(2015), Gloria Hill(2017), Tom Hill(2017), Sherri Hagar(2017), Duane Allen(2017)"
Tour Texas Farmland
- Mike Mattiza(2015), Bob Hagar(2016), Mark Von Tress(2018)"
Lake Palestine & Crockett
- Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2015), Sherri Hagar(2017), Duane Allen(2018)"

Two National Forests
- Mark Von Tress(2014), Bob Hagar(2015), Mike Mattiza(2015), Duane Allen(2018)"
Brookshire to Old Ocean
- William Miles(2014), Jill Miles(2014), Mike Mattiza(2015), Mark Von Tress(2015), Bob Hagar(2016), Sherri Hagar(2016) 
East & West of Lagrange
- Mike Mattiza(2015), Bob Hagar(2016) 

More than the Willow City Loop
- Bob Hagar(2014), Gwen Offutt-Smith(2014), Michael Smith(2014), Rich Barger(2014), Sandy Barger(2014), Mike Mattiza(2015), Sherri Hagar(2017), Mark Von Tress(2017) 
LBJ and Beyond
- Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2015)
 Canyon Lake & the Devil's Backbone
- Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2014), Kenny Waterston(2014), Larry 'Loco Lobo'  Harris(2014), Mark Von Tress(2014), Sherri Hagar(2014), Will Robinson(2014) 

 New Braunfels to Shiner
- Mark Von Tress(2014), Bob Hagar(2016), Mark Von Tress(2016), Bobby Johnson(2016), Kenny Waterston(2016), Rhonda Johnson(2016), Rod McCullick(2016), Sherri Hagar(2016), Mike Mattiza(2016) 
 Choke Canyon from San Antonio
- Bob Hagar(2016), Mike Mattiza(2016) 
 From Leakey Down to Medina Lake
- Bob Hagar(2014), Mark Von Tress(2014), Phillip Sobotka(2014), Sherri Hagar(2014), Bobby Johnson(2016), Rhonda Johnson(2016), Rich Barger(2016), Sandy Barger(2016), Mike Mattiza(2016) 

 The Central Hill Country
- Bev McCullick(2014), Bob Hagar (2014), Mike Mattiza(2016)
 The Rio Grande Triangle
 Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2016) 
 The Kickapoo Caverns Tour
 Bob Hagar(2016), Mike Mattiza(2017) 

 West Texas Wilderness
 Bob Hagar(2016), Mike Mattiza(2017)
 Big Bend National Park
 Mark Von Tress(2014), Kermit Rodriguez(2015), Bob Hagar(2015), Dale Sigrist(2015), Evelyn Capps(2015), Larry 'Loco Lobo'  Harris(2015), Leslie Sigrist(2015), Mike Mattiza(2015), Kim Hinton(2016), Keith Hinton(2016) 
 Marfa & the River Road
 Mark Von Tress(2014), Bob Hagar(2015), Gwen OffuttSmith(2015), Michael Smith(2015), Kermit Rodriguez(2015), Kim Hinton(2015), Keith Hinton(2015), Mike Mattiza(2015)

Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory
 Mark Von Tress(2014), Bob Hagar(2015), Kermit Rodriguez(2015), Kim Hinton(2015), Keith Hinton(2015), Mike Mattiza(2015)
 The Palo Duro Canyon of Texas
 Bob Hagar(2014), Kevin Cantrell(2015), Mark Von Tress(2015), Mike Mattiza(2015) 
The Rio Grande Triangle
 Mike Mattiza(2014), Bob Hagar(2016)