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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Longhorn HOG Chapter different?

First, we are a riding chapter.  Check out our calendar and you will see many rides every week including overnight rides and multi-day rides. 
We actively promote riding by sponsoring mileage programs and the ABC's of Touring.

When and where do we meet?

Our chapter meeting and LOH meeting are both held on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., respectively.  The meetings are held indoors at the dealership.

I see people with Longhorn HOG patches and pins, where can I get mine?

You may purchase branded patches and pins from the Longhorn Harley-Davidson MotorClothes department.

How do I find out about rides?

You can read about our rides in the chapter newsletter or through the online calendar.  Members will receive the printed newsletter in the mail monthly. 
Or you can go electronic and we'll stop mailing a paper copy and instead let you pick up your newsletter online
Also, check out our forum for details on upcoming rides and have the chance to put your two cents in.

Going electronic helps the chapter save money.  We pass the benefit on to our members by offering more free activities and more giveaways.

How can I connect with other members?

Check out our forum.  Members can read posts, make posts, poke fun, banter, complain, and laugh online.

Where do I go if I'm having a problem?

You may experience a problem on a ride.  Feeling ill, needing to slow down, another member posing a safety risk, mechanical problems, and unexpectedly needing to leave the ride are
issues that should be brought to the attention of the Road Captain at the next rest stop or the destination.  Our RCs are understanding and caring.  If you're having a problem, please speak up. 
Chances are, if you're having a problem, someone else is too.

If your problem extends beyond the road, contact the director.

Being a Road Captain sounds like fun, where can I get an application?

We have 18 road captains who volunteer to plan and lead rides.  Our road captains and officers do not receive any compensation from the chapter or the dealership for their roles. 
The officers are nominated by the Director and affirmed by the dealer principal.  There is no restriction on how long an officer may serve.

If you're interested in becoming a Road Captain or officer, speak to any officer or RC to find out more information on becoming involved.

How do I contact our officers?

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are published in the newsletter.

How do I go on a ride?

  • Our rides are closed, meaning no one but HOG members and guests completing the proper paperwork may attend. 
  • Browse our rides and find one that's most convenient for you. 
  • The first time listed is the meet time (the time we meet at Longhorn) the second time is the ride time (the time we leave Longhorn). 
  • All rides leave from Longhorn H-D
  • Local members should bring their local HOG cards for membership verification
  • Please arrive with a full tank and an empty bladder.
  • Prepare to have fun!

Alcohol Policy

Our alcohol policy is very simple.  No consumption of alcohol before or during a ride.  Road Captains reserve the right to invite someone to leave if they suspect a person is under the influence.

Once the kickstand hits the ground at the destination, the ride is officially over, and you may do whatever the law and your conscience allows.  This applies to multi-day rides as well. 
Once the kickstand hits the dirt at the motel, the ride is over.

Where can I put a suggestion?  These rides stink!

We aim to please!  If you have a suggestion, e-mail it to one of our road captains, submit it online, or put it in the suggestion box at Longhorn H-D.

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ABC's of Touring

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